November 18, 2018 cometa

Recepción al maestro Horacio Ferrer

“It was the year 2012; the maestro Horacio Ferrer, president of the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina embraced with great enthusiasm the creation of the “Academia Nacional del Tango de la República de Austria” corresponding to that of Argentina, and also, of the “Escuela Europea de Tango”.

I, as the corresponding Academic Member of the Academia, had taken this project that I caressed during a lot of time and he immediately went to work on it. At the same time, the Maestro had been working on his work for a long time “Sonnets Mozart, inspirations of a layman” and the occasion to create the Academia and the Escuela was the perfect frame also to present their Sonnets, all in the House of Literature Salzburg, in front of authorities, Media and public in general.

An authentic authority that honored us with his presence was Dr. Johannes Honsig Erlemburg, who has been president of the Mozarteum Salzburg International Foundation since 2006. From 2009 to 2015, he was Executive Director of the Herbert von Karajan Foundation, Salzburg Easter Festival and has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Salzburg Festival since 2017 and Anna, his wife of Argentine descent, delicate and
talented artist and admirer of maestro Ferrer and his work.

That distinction of the Honsig-Erlemburg marriage towards us and the Tango did not end there but it was just the Start.

We were invited to a dinner at his residence where the Rector of the University of Mozarteum, Professor Reinhart von Gutzeit, the first prize of Musical Composition and 2nd president of our Academia, professor Fausto Tuscano, the maestro Ferrer and his wife Lulu Ferrer, other personalities and myself.

After the dinner prepared by the hands of Mrs. Anna came the Great Surprise: she sang passages of the Operita “María de Buenos Aires” with the same Dr. Honsig-Erlemburg at the piano and the maestro Ferrer visibly moved complied with the recitation.

We believe that this document of so much emotional and historical value for our Tango should be available to all people who love Tango as a sign of respect for these personalities, who, speaking of respect for our Tango, have given a whole example.

Dr. Erlemburg gave maestro Ferrer with a book with scores used by the sister of the great Mozart for to teach music to that child prodigy.

We were invited, then, by them, to a presentation in the Mozarteum, of a group of graduates in guitar. The professor of the chair welcomed the maestro Ferrer and told us that “the Tango it is very important for the Mozarteum, and they hoped that the teacher Ferrer would have time to give some master class there when it was possible”.

Here the document of the reception and performance mentioned above.

Carlos E. Maturano Luissi, president, Academia Nacional del Tango de la República de Austria”