November 10, 2018 cometa

Tango at Salsa Studio Salzburg

With the auspice of the “Academia Nacional del Tango de la República de Austria” its pedagogical division the Escuela Europea de Tango represented by its president and director Carlos “El Tordo” and his team, on February 18, 2019 courses of Argentine Tango will begin for those interested who do not belong to the Tango scene in the prestigious SALSA STUDIO SALZBURG.

This National Academy thus fulfills its Statutes as in Art. 3 d): “Promote the appreciation of tango by understanding its cultural, aesthetic and emotional values”.

That is why this initiative promotes the possibility of introducing into the world of Argentine Tango, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, to the general public, which for different reasons (among which is not being part of the Tango community anymore or less established) has not yet found facilities to know and develop it.

The new Argentine Tango lovers will be able to gradually master the arts of this dance, its history, fundamentals and essences, actively participate in dancing meetings (“Milongas”), different events and activities specially designed for them where they can find, develop and express their undoubted artistic conditions”.

Salsa Studio Salzburg
Eduard Baumgartnerstr. 11
5020 Salzburg, Austri