May 3, 2016 cometa

Ben Molar has passed away

On April 25th, 2015, the author, composer and music producer Ben Molar, creator of the National Day of Tango and translator into Spanish songs of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, among others, died at age 99 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Moses Smolarchik Brenne, his real name, was born in Buenos Aires on October 3, 1915 and had an extensive career in the dissemination of popular music, especially during the fifties and sixties. The news of the death of this icon of the tango originated hundreds of comments on the social network Twitter, under the hashtag #BenMolar.

Concurrent to the former Royal Restaurant in Corrientes and Talcahuano, where artists of the moment used to meet , Molar was also creator in 1966 of the album “14 with the Tango” project, which brought together writers like Jorge Luis Borges Leopoldo Marechal and Manuel Mujica Lainez, with musicians like Astor Piazzolla and Anibal Troilo, and painters like Carlos Alonso and Raul Soldi, among others. The passion for 2×4 rhythm led him to create the National Day of Tango, held since almost 40 years ago on December 11, in homage to Carlos Gardel and Julio de Caro, who were born on that date.

Molar was a member of the National Academy of Tango, of the Buenosairean Academy of the Lunfardo, of the Board of the Argentine-Israeli Cultural Institute, the Board of the Association of Friends of Corrientes Street, and honorary president of the Argentina Gardeliana Association . However, his career did not exclude other popular rhythms, but undertook to translate into Spanish Beatles songs such as Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane, and writing songs for films and musicals.

Molar founded Fermata discographic label and promoted artist likes Mercedes Sosa and Los Abuelos de la Nada. In recognition of his career, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires awarded the title of Distinguished Citizen.